top Benefits
    • Intelligent Algorithm based Allocation

    • Cost efficiency and Expense Optimization

    • Real time bidding for best price

    • Order wise and region wise placement efficiency

    • Adherence to pick up and delivery timelines

    • Rate and efficiency comparison for ranking

    • Right from Indent Creation to Delivery

    • Real Time Updates

    • Instant POD Upload and Management

    • Gate In and Gate Out time for each vehicle recorded

    • Loading and Unloading times (Dock Management) captured

    • System calculated detention duration and charges

    • All Contracts captured in the system

    • Vendor rate chart management

    • Vehicle Documents and Validity period captured

    • System generated invoice after every trip

    • Route, Vendor and Vehicle Type dependent

    • Payment and Due Date Reminders

the process

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    Customer places Booking Request through the mobile app

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    Real time updates for order acceptance, vehicle allotment and trip status – loading, in transit, unloading etc.

  • steps-logo

    Instant POD upload and alerts to all stakeholders

  • steps-logo

    Invoice generation and dispatch to customers. Payment reminders and outstanding dues alerts


  • Continuous and free enhancements and latest updates to the solution

  • Add unlimited users with specific roles and responsibilities for efficiency and process adherence

  • Complete transparency with end customers with real time updates

  • Historical data and reports available at all times

  • Free mobile app to give you complete access even on the go

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